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Chargers, Rams Sponsor LGBTQ Pride Event

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Times’ Gary Klein and Dan Woike reported earlier this week, the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams each sponsored a letter in the VENICE sign that was lit up as part of an LGBTQ Pride event in Venice Beach on Friday, June 2. This is part of the two franchise’s ongoing “Fight For L.A.” as they attempt to court a fan base in their new home market.

The Rams who were about a month ahead of the Chargers in sponsoring a letter in the sign were the first NFL team to officially sponsor a Pride event and the Chargers are now the second.

The Chargers’ vice president of external affairs for corporate, community and governmental relations, Kimberly Layton, said, “We could not be more excited to partner with Venice Pride and support our LGBTQ community."

For people that spent the last few decades watching the Chargers in San Diego, it has to be jarring to see just how much better their outreach efforts to the community have been in just a few short months in Los Angeles. Regardless, though, it is heartening to see the Chargers taking steps to be more inclusive and welcoming of all people.