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After Dark: What is your all-time favorite TV show?

26th Annual Producers Guild Of America Awards - Show Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

It’s a simple enough question: what is your favorite televisions how of all time? For me, the answer is easy: Breaking Bad. I loved that damn show and rewatched all of it twice. It’s also consistently ranked among the best if not the best shows ever, so maybe that’s not a particularly interesting choice. So, I’ll also give you my favorite show that no critic’s list is ranking number one anytime soon: Veronica Mars. That show was brilliant and fun. And, yes, I’m one of the dorks that contributed to the kickstarter for the movie.

So, tell us your favorite TV show and if it’s something less than interesting go ahead and share your favorite non-critically acclaimed show as well.

Or because this is the After Dark talk about whatever you want as long as you manage not to break the site rules which should be pretty easy to avoid doing.