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Where Is the Chargers Roster Deepest?

With 90 men on the roster and less than a month until training camp, where do the Chargers have depth?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As we pointed out yesterday, according to ESPN and PFF the Chargers have the 8th best roster in the NFL. So where does the bulk of that talent reside? The BFTB Staff chimed in for a roundtable on where we think the Chargers are deepest.

Cody Young - I'd have to say the deepest position on the Chargers roster is at wide receiver. They've got a man who is borderline uncoverable in Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams put up over 1000 yards last season and was the second most productive slot receiver in the league according to Pro Football Focus, Dontrelle Inman has really proved himself to be a reliable target for Rivers, and I still believe Travis Benjamin can be a productive player for this team. As long as everyone stays healthy, this is one of the best receiving corps in the NFL.

Nathan - I'm gonna piggyback on what Cody just said and add a name he forgot to mention--Mike Williams! If you ask me before the draft the same question, I'd still go with the receivers; now that the team used the seventh pick on that group, it's only gained in strength. But yeah, Dontrelle Inman has gotta be the best fifth receiver in the league, right? Benjamin as your fourth guy ain't too shabby, either, even if he's paid like a first guy.

Ryan Doyle - The deepest position on this roster is at wide receiver. It's not often that when a receiver as talented as Keenan Allen goes down, teams are able to recover.

I also want to draw attention to the interior of the offensive line. Last season, the team had little talent there. Now, there are 4 guys that are going to be pushing for starting spots. It's nice to see that change in only a year.

Kyle Posey - I'd say the deepest is IOL. What a difference a year makes. Between 3 spots the team has 5 guys they're very comfortable playing. In the event of an injury, they can shuffle some guys around and feel like there's not much of a drop-off. Think we'll see more consistency on O because of this unit.

John Gennaro - The deepest position might actually be Safety. There's not a ton of top-end talent, but they have 3 legitimate starters (Addae, Boston, Lowery), 3 legitimate backups (Stuckey, McCoil, Phillips) and only two spots on the field. I can't imagine a situation in which we're scratching our head wondering how some no-name guy is starting at Safety this year.

Louis Gorini - The Chargers deepest position is the interior of their offensive line. Thanks to the 2018 NFL Draft, Los Angeles has 6 versatile and capable linemen that can play up and down the line (Slauson, Lamp, Feeney, Tuerk, Pulley, Clark).

British Jamie - The deepest position is WR. Keenan Allen (and yes, I do think he's going to play 10+ games this year), Tyrell Williams, Mike Williams, Travis Benjamin and Dontrelle Inman is a ridiculously strong grouping. Travis Benjamin is the best #4 in the league, and Dontrelle Inman is definitely the best #5 like Nathan said.

Richard Wade - I have a hard time saying any position on the team is stronger than tight end. When your #2 at the position is future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates, you're in a pretty damn good position. Second-year player Hunter Henry is already one of the best in the league and I expect he'll only be better this season.

Garrett Sisti - The strongest position group is either the Interior of the Offensive Line or Wide Receiver and since Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney haven't played a down in the NFL and for the sake of not over-projecting their abilities, I'll lean toward the wideout group. Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin, Dontrelle Inman and (probably) Mike Williams are all NFL starters and have proven at one time or another they can play in this league. That's 4 or 5 starters filling 3 roles, that's real depth.

Michael Peterson - Wide receiver. At least 5 who could play significant time on almost any other team. This is obviously a wonderful problem to have with the recent injury bug that seems to be locked onto the team's backside

American Jamie - I'm going to go with the IOL as the deepest position group on the roster right now. The team is currently carrying seven players (Lamp, Feeney, Pulley, Slauson, Clark, Tuerk, Wiggins) capable of contributing at the LG or RG on some level (some more so than others) and four potential options at center. I expect the team to break camp with nine linemen and it's very likely six of those nine spots will be occupied by players from this group. That's a great deal of depth and versatility at three very important positions in Anthony Lynn's offense. Unfortunately for Kenny Wiggins, he's probably on the outside looking in (which is right where he belongs).

Matthew Stanley - I agree with Garrett here. IOL has the POTENTIAL to be the top unit on the team, but Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney haven’t played a down, Max Tuerk is still a work in progress, and Spencer Pulley is getting a ton of hype but can he live up to it? With that in mind, it’s got to be WR. Even with the questions around Keenan Allen’s health, and for the same reason I won’t count Feeney and Lamp, I won’t count Mike Williams in the equation. However, Philip Rivers elevates the play of anyone receiving passes, and Tyrell Williams, Dontrelle Inman, and Travis Benjamin are dependable and productive WRs. This group of WRs is the strength of the Chargers roster.

What do you think is the deepest position on the roster?