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Los Angeles Chargers Dream 3-on-3 Team

NFL: Pro Bowl Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Olympics recently added 3-on-3 basketball for the 2020 games. Recently, Bleacher Report had the idea that the NFL should do this. Hypothetically, of course. Here were their rules:

Okay well, let’s just make some quick rule changes. Let’s say that since all players are required to play both ways then we can eliminate a requirement that certain positions have to play. That’s no fun. It’s a huge disadvantage to certain slue-footed, giraffe running quarterbacks. Could you picture Philip Rivers in coverage on defense? You could, but you really don’t want to. We’ll make the roster 5 players. I’m cool with the rest of the rules.

Okay, so the 5 players for the Chargers. Hmmm. I want Rivers far away from any athletic competition. I’ll take my lumps when it comes to quarterback skill assuming my guys will be able to get open effortlessly 1-on-1. Plenty of athletes played high school quarterback or have some experience throwing at some level.


Casey Hayward

Roll your eyes all you want. He threw for 18 touchdowns in high school. Good enough for me.

After last season, I guess he can play a little corner, too.


Keenan Allen

Once upon a time, Allen was a 5-star recruit and the top safety in the country. A lot of analysts thought that’s what he might end up playing defensive back in college. I’m guessing he’ll be able to get good jumps on the ball and if he’s there we know he’ll catch it. Oh yeah, he’ll be taking a snap or two at receiver.


Jason Verrett

Imagine having 50 yards of space and having to contain Verrett? Good luck. He’d put on a show on both sides of the ball.


Mike Williams/Tyrell Williams

When it’s time to score as we get to the end zone I’m putting in the twin towers and throwing alley-oops. Conversely, if the offense is close to scoring, let’s say 10 yards and in, I’d have one of these two be that annoying kid that jumps up and down right in front of the quarterback so he can’t get a good throw off.


The 1st 3 were easy, but I think there would be some different answers on who the subs would be. Some might be willing to take a shot at Rivers playing safety and pray to the football gods that the corners do all the work for him. I’m laughing imagining Rivers having to redirect and backpedal.

So what do you think, who are your starters and far do you think your team would get in a hypothetical bracket?