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Filed under: Anthony Lynn Is the Worst Head Coach in the League

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports’s Elliot Harrison recently ranked all 32 NFL head coaches from the very best (Bill Belichick, naturally) to the very worst (the Los Angeles Chargers’ own Anthony Lynn). Now, Harrison was careful not to use the words “league’s worst” when describing Lynn, but when you rank 32 of something, you’re saying the one you ranked 32nd was the worst.

Harrison had this to say about Lynn:

Someone has to be 32nd on the list. Unfortunately, that's Lynn, who has the least amount of experience as both head coach and coordinator. After earning the respect of nearly everyone in Buffalo, Lynn was elevated from running backs coach (and assistant head coach) to offensive coordinator following the departure of Greg Roman last year. While the Chargers are being touted as a sneaky AFC team, Lynn has inherited the most malleable situation of all the new coaches: new city ... new stadium ... toughest division.

Choosing to rank a coach that has never been a head coach before last certainly seems fair, but then you remember that Lynn actually was an interim head coach last season and yet he still managed to be ranked behind other new head coaches who have zero experience in the role whatsoever. Everything that we have seen and heard from Lynn this offseason should leave Chargers fans feeling very optimistic about the rookie head coach that rose so quickly through the Buffalo Bills’ ranks last year. He is very nearly the polar opposite of the Chargers’ last head coach and that is great news given that Mike McCoy actually was the worst head coach in the NFL.

Lynn is a coach that clearly has a plan of how he wants to attack the season and he certainly commands respect when he speaks to the media. It will be very interesting to see how his first season as a head coach plays out, but he has given us every indication that we should be able to expect success.

What do you think? Is Anthony Lynn the NFL’s worst head coach or is Elliot Harrison way off base here?