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Do the Los Angeles Chargers Have a Soft Schedule in 2017?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Over at Rotoworld, Warren Sharp has taken a look at strength of the schedule for the upcoming 2017 NFL season using projected win totals from Las Vegas. The Los Angeles Chargers, despite playing in what many consider one of the toughest divisions in the NFL this year, are projected to have one of the easier schedules in The League. Now, how is that possible? Sharp explains:

The hardest aspect of the Chargers’ schedule is that when they play their toughest opponents, these games are on the road. They play only three top-5 games prior to Week 17, and each is on the road (Raiders, Patriots, Cowboys). However, the Chargers’ home schedule is extremely palatable, with just one pre-Week 17 opponent ranking above 18th (Chiefs) in forecast win total. This bodes well for the run game, but I particularly love the Bolts’ pass-game targets, which will face the easiest schedule of pass defenses in the league from Week 10 onward. It starts out very difficult, so any Chargers pass-game members left standing could be attractive buy-low targets in the second half of the year.

Given their relatively soft home schedule, the Chargers have a great opportunity to start on the right foot in their new home stadium. And thanks to a tough slate of road games, they will need to make that weak home schedule pay off if they want to have a chance at making the playoffs during their first season returning to Los Angeles.

With a new coaching staff and a mostly new offensive line, the Chargers are a team with a great deal of unknowns. And while it’s normal for there to be a lot of uncertainty in late June, the Chargers have more than most. They could win or lose double-digit games this season and neither should surprise you.

What do you think about the Chargers’ schedule? Will it actually end up being one of the weakest int he NFL?