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Chargers Roundtable: What Will the Starting Offensive Line Be Week 1?

After free agency and the draft, what will the Chargers offensive line look like this season?

San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G Aiken/Getty Images

What do you think will be the starting offensive line week 1?

Richard Wade: Well, Russell Okung is definitely going to start at left tackle, and Forrest Lamp is definitely going to start somewhere along the line, but after that, I think there is a lot left to be determined throughout training camp. Right now, I think from left to right we will see Okung, Lamp, Max Tuerk, Matt Slauson, and Joe Barksdale. I think they give Dan Feeney the opportunity to beat out Slauson, but the veteran won’t be ready to be pushed to the bench.

Jamie Sewell: Okung-Feeney-Tuerk-Slauson-Lamp. That's basically three rookies starting on the line, but I think it's going to happen. Tuerk is now fully healthy and he's going to be given every chance to win the starting C job in camp, and there's no way the Chargers bought in Feeney and Lamp to sit on the bench considering how bad the OL was last year. If Barksdale can return to his 2015 form he'll hold onto his spot at RT, but if that doesn't happen I think Anthony Lynn makes the decision to bench him and keep Forrest Lamp as a tackle. (edited)

Matthew Stanley: I think the starting offensive line week 1 will either be Okung-Lamp-Tuerk-Feeney-Barksdale or Okung-Slauson-Tuerk-Feeney-Lamp, the first option being more likely. The team is obviously invested in their rookies, having drafted them on day 2, and from everything we have heard Max Tuerk is going to be given every opportunity to start at Center. The only player I don't like taking out of the starting lineup here is Slauson, but having him as a premium backup is a pretty nice luxury. In fact, the line could be my first option week 1, but 2 bad weeks by Barksdale and it could be my second option by week 3.

Kyle Posey: Okung-Lamp-Tuerk-Feeney-Barksdale. Franklin won't be on the team so that one is easy. Max will have every chance to start. It's Telesco's 1st draft pick since the Fluker bust. They're not nearly as invested in Slauson as many think. He's also a better fit. Right guard will come down to Feeney & Slauson. My bet is Feeney. Slauson as the swing backup for all 3 interior spots which is ideal.

Thomas Herd: For me, it's Okung, Lamp, Tuerk, Slauson, Barksdale. It's not what I'd like to see but I don't think Chargers will risk effectively three rookies next to each other. Given the turnover at center over the last few years, I imagine they'll give Tuerk the biggest opportunity to show he's their center of the future. That leaves an interesting battle between the veteran Slauson and the rookie Feeney. Slauson played fine at center last season and has a lot of experience, which is why I don't see them throwing Feeney in there straight away, even though the rookie looks like the better fit.

Ryan Doyle: Okung-Lamp-Slauson-Feeney-Barksdale. I think the Chargers start the year with both their rookie guards starting. I was close to putting Tuerk in the starting lineup, but I doubt the Chargers start three "rookie" lineman. I also haven't seen anything from Tuerk yet. Plus, I think Rivers and Slauson are comfortable with each other. When it comes to the tackles, Okung is a lock to start at left tackle and hopefully, Barksdale can bounce back.

Michael Peterson: My idea starting offensive line would be Okung-Slauson-Tuerk-Feeney-Lamp. I'd like Lamp inside but he would be an upgrade over Barksdale in the run game and I'd be much more comfortable with Slauson in there as a veteran presence. At least for one more year. Barksdale would still be valuable as a swing tackle.

Jamie Hoyle: if I had my way it would be Okung/Lamp/Slauson/Feeney/Barksdale because I think having stability at center is huge and the Chargers have had too much turnover at that spot the last five years. Plus, having a vet between Lamp and Feeney as opposed to three first-year starters in the middle of the line would be valuable. That said, I think the writing is on the wall for a line of Okung/Lamp/Tuerk/Feeney/Barksdale as the Chargers try to get as athletic as possible up front in hopes of taking the running game to the next level. (edited)

Louis Gorini: Personally I think the Chargers o-line to start the season will consist of Okung-Lamp-Tuerk-Slauson-Barksdale I can't imagine Lynn would feel comfortable enough to start 3 rookies (Tuerk is in his second year but he didn't see the field last year at all). I don't think Slauson is the odd man out yet mainly because he played really well last year, is a good fit for what Lynn is trying to do, and he will provide the offensive line some leadership and the ability to communicate with the other young offensive linemen. That being said, I would be shocked if Feeney doesn't find himself in the starting lineup by year's end.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I keep hearing that Tuerk is going to be given every chance to be the starting center. But I think Slauson hears these whispers and comes into training camp motivated and does his best to anchor the middle for one more year. Does anybody remember how nasty Slauson can get? The Turek era will have to wait another season to begin. The training camp battle to watch may come down at RG between Feeney, Tuerk, and Franklin if he's still around. So I think it will be Okung, Lamp, Slauson, Feeney, Barksdale.