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Should Chargers fans be worried about Mike Williams?

The Los Angeles Chargers 1st Round draft pick has yet to make it through a full practice and seems to be falling behind. Is it time to panic?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Mike Williams Press Conference Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Last year around this time, we started to hear whispers that San Diego Chargers rookie DE Joey Bosa was starting to fall behind due to missed practices and OTAs, a result of ongoing contract negotiations between Bosa’s agent and the Chargers’ front office.

This year, the Los Angeles Chargers made sure to sign their 1st Round draft pick early, inking Clemson WR Mike Williams to a four-year contract that includes a team option for a fifth year.

Unfortunately, there are still issues leading to Williams potentially falling behind, as Bosa did. Mainly, it is a back injury suffered in the team’s initial OTA practice session that has kept the rookie WR out of practice for over two weeks since.

Four days ago, Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn was quoted as saying this:

"I'd like to see him out there next week because he's getting behind right now, and we've got to get him back out on the field," Lynn said. "If he wasn't a rookie it would be different. But he has so much to learn, and some of this you can only learn on the field."

Source: ESPN

That didn’t end up happening.

For a player that missed an entire season due to a neck injury, and for one that’s falling behind before his first season in the NFL, at what point do Chargers fans start worrying about the future of Mike Williams?