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Chargers Roster Breakdowns, 90-in-90: CB Brad Watson

Day 9 of 90-in-90 has us looking at UDFA CB Brad Watson.

NCAA Football: Military Bowl-Temple vs Wake Forest Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Player Factfile:

Name: Brad Watson

Age: 21

Position: CB

College: Wake Forest

NFL games played: 0

Games played for the Chargers: 0

Fun fact: Watson was a CB in college, but is versatile and could see time at both CB and safety in the NFL.

Brad Watson has good size for a CB in the NFL, standing at 6'0, 200 lbs (although he has also been listed at 188 lbs in some places). However, Watson likely doesn't have the speed to play CB in the NFL, running a 4.65 and 4.66 40 yard dash at the Wake Forest Pro Day. According to Gil Brandt, his most likely position in the NFL is at safety.

That's not to say that Watson would be completely out of his comfort zone at CB. He had a disappointing senior year, but before that Watson was regarded as an early Day 3 pick in the NFL Draft. His 2015 campaign, in particular, was excellent, as he had 72 tackles to go with an unbelievable 16 passes defended, and he was an Honorable Mention All-ACC pick by coaches in the ACC.

If you can look past the speed issue - and there are plenty of CBs in the NFL who have had very good careers without being lightning fast - there's a lot to like about Watson. A willing tackler who's comfortable in both man and zone coverage, Watson has an intriguing toolset - one that should at least be worth stashing on the Practice Squad to try and develop.

The Chargers are thin at CB behind Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward, and whilst the safety depth chart is very crowded, Watson being able to play both spots is only going to be a benefit for him as he tries to stake a claim for a place on the 53 man roster. My personal feeling is that he won't be able to crack the 53, but I'd be very surprised if he didn't end up on the Practice Squad.

As for Watson off the field? There's not really much to tell. He seems like a normal college kid, going through the same struggles as the rest of us.

I don't know about you guys, but I can totally relate to Watson on this. I'm one exam away from finishing my first year of university, but the game 'Football Manager' (that's the British kind of football) has definitely held my learning back this year.

Nope. You've lost me here, Brad. I don't care if this tweet is from 2014. If you were using Internet Explorer at any point after 1794, you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Thanks, Brad. Call me?

His Twitter was really the only place that actually had any relevant information on Watson off the field. He does have a Linkedin profile, in which he describes himself as a "Hard working individual with attention to detail." He also lists his degree as Communication and Media Studies - which is actually very helpful, as I couldn't find that information anywhere else. Even Wake Forest's official player profile for Watson doesn't give one mention about his degree, which is ridiculous. I get that Watson was there as a football player, but to not even mention what he was studying? Having said that, Watson did tweet about having his classes cancelled incredibly frequently, so there's a possibility Watson didn't know himself what he was actually studying.

To make up for not being able to find much information about Watson, here's a life hack for any college students: Every lecture is canceled if you just sleep through it. Also, as a completely unrelated side note, you should never take my advice.

So, that's Brad Watson - or all that I could find about Brad Watson, anyway. Hopefully, tomorrow's 90-in-90 allows us to go into a bit more detail.