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The Los Angeles Chargers Running Backs Are Now Super Jacked

The first pictures of Chargers Mini Camp today revealed that the team’s running backs are bulking up in the offseason.

Chargers running back Kenneth Farrow

I’m not sure what the Los Angeles Chargers have been feeding their running backs this offseason, but their “strength and speed development” program seems to be heavily focused on the strength side of things...

That picture above is of Kenneth Farrow. He looks like he could punch a hole through a cow. Here’s what he looked like about a year ago:

There are no camera tricks here. The man has upped his bench press game, and he’s not the only one!

Los Angeles Chargers RB Andre Williams

The man proudly displaying his physique is Andre Williams, another running back looking to hold on to one of the roster spots behind Melvin Gordon, who already looked like this...

Los Angeles Chargers RB Melvin Gordon

...and hasn’t shrunk much. Here he is today:

Los Angeles Chargers RB Melvin Gordon

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m posting all of this pictures of men with their muscles exposed and it’s for an actual valid reason:

This is not an accident. This would seemingly be a concerted effort by Anthony Lynn and Ken Whisenhunt to bulk up their running backs and focus on more of a “power rushing” attack that better fits their current personnel, after Mike McCoy and Joe D’Alessandris tried to push the team towards more of a “zone rushing” attack a few years back.

I won’t give an opinion on whether I prefer zone rushing or power rushing because it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the team’s current offensive line and current starting running back work significantly better in a power rushing scheme, and it’s nice to see the team planning ahead with its running backs accordingly.