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Poll Results: Chargers Should Wait Until Day 3 To Draft a Running Back

A somewhat surprising majority favored waiting until day three to address the running back position.

San Jose State v San Diego State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

At the end of March, we asked you if the Chargers should use one of their picks in the upcoming NFL Draft to select a running back. 80% of respondents believed the Los Angeles Chargers would be well served to draft a backup for Melvin Gordon. Another 9% preferred going the route of signing a back either from among the current free agent pool, the upcoming undrafted free agent pool, or perhaps from among June 1 cap casualties.

Within that 80% which favored drafting a running back only 2% wanted to spend a first round pick (and I seriously doubt anyone actually believes that is a good idea; let us know in the comments if you voted that way why you did). 21% saw value in the second or third round (Joe Mixon, perhaps?). And an actual majority (57%) of voters thought the best course of action was to wait until the last day of the draft to pull the trigger on a runner.

I have to say unless the likes of Joe Mixon falls to the third round, I am inclined to agree with the majority here because the Chargers, while they could use another back, are not exactly desperate.

Let us know in the comments what you think about these results.