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Chargers Draft Roundtable: Which Day 2 Pass Rusher Do You Want?

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Tom Telesco said the Chargers need to get better at rushing the passer in the 4th quarter. So today I asked, "who is the day 2 pass rusher you'd like the team to select?" For this sake, I wanted to go outside the 1st round so we can get familiar with more names.

Jake Hefner: Houston DE/OLB Tyus Bowser. While he wasn't the defensive sack leader for his unit in 2016, Bowser has NFL caliber pass rushing skills. He tested in the 95th percentile for edge rushers and was one of the top performers in three different categories at the NFL combine. The heads started turning with Bowser at the Senior Bowl and he has continued to impress ever since. At 6'3 and 247lbs posting a 37 inch vertical and 4.65 speed, Bowser brings a combination of explosiveness, speed, and fluidity to his game. His scheme versatility will appeal to both 4-3 and 3-4 teams because of his natural athleticism and fundamentals that will translate well at the NFL level. His footwork and change of direction are aspects of his game that scouts have been raving about these past few months. Bowser's has been ascending up draft boards progressively after each of his workouts and would be a nice addition to the Chargers pass rush rotation as a day two selection.

Michael Peterson: Probably a name no one has heard is YSU DE/OLB Avery Moss. The lesser known half of one of the nation's top pass-rush duos. I found Moss while trying to study Derek Rivers. It seemed like whenever I was expecting Rivers to make a play, Moss was their instead. Collecting 10.5 sacks and 17.5 tackles for loss, Moss is able to match Rivers' production while also being a better run stopper. At 6'3 and 265lbs, he can anchor with more mass and take on oncoming blockers while still being nimble enough to chase down QBs. Rivers will get all the hype, but Moss deserves much more respect than he is getting.

Louis Gorini: Youngstown State's Derek Rivers would be a fantastic day 2 edge rusher selection for the Chargers. In 3 years, the former Penguin amassed 36 sacks and 53 tackles for a loss. Translation, he lives in the opponents backfield. Rivers is a high-motor edge rusher that has the skill and production to warrant his day 2 selection, regardless of the level of competition he has faced.

Garrett Sisti: I've been waiting all draft season for this let's talk about my guy; Washington edge rusher Joe Mathis. "JoJo" had a rough start to his college career that stemmed from his attitude and ultimately got him suspended. Then his whole life changed; he had a son. Ever since then Mathis has been on the straight and narrow focusing on becoming a great football player to help provide for his family. Mathis is going completely under the radar because of his ego-filled past and because last year was his only real game tape. In that lone year, Mathis showed some strengths that'll help him win in the NFL. He has a powerful punch, speed around the edge, high football IQ to read and diagnose and the strength to run THROUGH lineman. Forget the stats, JoJo has "it." Mathis will go later in the draft but with his drive and skill set, we're talking first round value. Just watch this one clip

Jamie Hoyle: I'll go with Carl Lawson. Has the size to play DE or OLB, and even kick inside on obvious passing downs. Good combination of power and athleticism and highly productive. He has some medical concerns that need to be cleared which may push him into the latter part of day 2, but he has all the traits of a successful pass rusher at the next level. Likely pass rush specialist early in his career who needs to prove he can be more effective against the run to play on first and second down.

Kyle Posey: I'm obnoxiously high on Jordan Willis but for today's sack I'll go Tim Williams from Alabama. There were times where he was the Crimson Tide's best player on defense this year. It's a shame he didn't perform like one at the combine but Williams sure looked like an explosive athlete on the field. He's not only a speed rusher off the edge but he's one of the few players that can counter back to the inside.

Williams doesn't look the part but he's much stronger and better against the run than you'd imagine as well. He excelled on a pitch count at Alabama and I believe that'll remain the same in the NFL, though he's plenty good enough to start. He can get after the QB. That's exactly what this team needs.

Who do you guys like after the 1st round as a pass rusher?