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“Experts” loving this Chargers Draft Class

According to the talking heads, Tom Telesco is killing it.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, you can’t properly grade a draft class for a few years, but that doesn’t stop people from grading draft picks and classes as they are assembled.

We are through 3 rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Chargers have had 3 picks and made no trades. So far this class has netted Clemson WR Mike Williams, Western Kentucky OL Forrest Lamp, and Indiana OG Dan Feeney.

So what “grades” have Tom Telesco and his staff been earning with these picks?

Walterfootball: Mike Williams - B, Forrest Lamp - A+, Dan Feeney - A+ (Chris Burke): Mike Williams - B-, Forrest Lamp - A, Dan Feeney - A-
CBSsports (Pete Prisco): Mike Williams - C-, Forrest Lamp - B+, Dan Feeney - A-
FoxSports (Dieter Kurtenbach): Mike Williams - B, Forrest Lamp - A+, Dan Feeney B+

As you can see, outside of Pete Prisco’s grade on the Williams pick, the consensus is that the Chargers are doing really well so far. And I don’t even really disagree with Pete all that much, I had that pick as a C+, but I’m with Walterfootball for the Lamp and Feeney picks.

It’s unfair, and not even all that constructive to grade picks before players even touch the field, but it’s part of the fun of draft season.

Lets hope that Telesco continues to pick players we grade highly as he adds to the defense here on day 3, before Gus Bradley storms the war room and starts knocking people out.