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Quick Take on the Los Angeles Chargers Day Two Draft Selections

The L.A. Chargers got themselves a couple of steals during the second day of the NFL draft.

Marmot Boca Raton Bowl - Memphis v Western Kentucky Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Day two of the 2017 NFL Draft is over and done with, and the Chargers used their second and third round selections to begin construction on the Great Wall of Los Angeles.

Tom Telesco and company decided to double down on offensive linemen on day two, and they found themselves what looks to be a couple of foundational pieces along the offensive front line. The two players the Chargers selected were OG Forrest Lamp from Western Kentucky, and OG Dan Feeney out of Indiana.

How the heck was Forrest Lamp still on the board when Los Angeles’ pick came around at thirty-eight? It truly is baffling. How he managed to get passed up thirty-seven times prior to being selected is beyond me. Lamp is, in my opinion, the best guard in this draft class and in all honesty, should have been taken somewhere in the first round. The football gods sure smiled upon Chargers this time.

Lamp will instantly upgrade the Bolts offense and make life so much easier for Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon. This was an A++ pick.

I was also expecting Dan Feeney to go a lot sooner than he did. I thought for sure he would be taken by the middle of the second round, as interior offensive linemen with as much attitude as Feeney possesses are usually valued pretty high. The Chargers were fortunate enough to have him fall into their laps as well though, and I couldn’t be happier.

As thrilled as I am with how day two turned out for the Chargers, they still need to add some new pieces to the defense. There is still quite a bit of talent left on the board, and Telesco and company would be wise to consider some of the defensive playmakers available. Like, right now, at the top of the fourth round. Specifically, at the safety and edge positions.

I really, really love Colorado safety Tedric Thompson. The man is a turnover machine, and if I was in charge of the bolts pick, his name would be on the card when it was handed in.

Joe Mathis is another great option if he’s still available when Los Angeles’ pick comes around again. If the Chargers take either of those players when the draft resumes I will be doing backflips. Or attempting to shortly before my ambulance ride.