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2nd Annual BFTB Live NFL Draft Show: Day 2

We’re back for day 2 of the draft!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Mike Williams Press Conference Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We had a blast doing round 1 last night, and we hope all of you enjoyed it too.

Tonight we are back for round 2 and 3. The Chargers have picks at the top of both rounds and are possibly looking to trade up to get their guy.

As we continue tonight we will continue to analyze the picks, offer opinions, talk about the Chargers, and of course, drink.

Same crew tonight, and just like last night if you have any questions throw them in the youtube chat, mention us on twitter, or throw comments below.

Once we go live we will embed the video below like yesterday so you can watch here or directly on youtube.

As you get ready, check out Posey’s day 2 rumors article here, to catch up with the information we have so you get an idea of how we are forming some of our opinions.

Lets do this!