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Follow along and play tonight during the NFL Draft.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend we will see young men live out their lifelong dreams. Instead of getting mad because your team didn't draft a certain player, let's just enjoy it. For the draft, I made a blackout Bingo card. Since I only did 20, we can bend the rules. 4 in a row diagonal. Let's have some fun.

War room high fives 1st mention of booing Santa They play "Eye of the Tiger" going/coming back from break Ask player about a personal tragedy Player gets compared to Pro Bowler+
Player cries Player has NFL bloodlines Louis Riddick says something stupid (Free Space) Analyst says player is a "steal or a reach" Deion says a player is "his guy"
"Racist" scouting terms Schefter on the phone Anytime they simulcast Rich Eisen's 40 with a players Excessive hand shakes with Goodell San Diego instead of LA
Kiper/McShay argue Show attractive significant other Group of Eagles fans booing & it's not their pick They lift Goodell off the ground with a hug Same school back to back picks

The majority of these are self-explanatory. For the "racist" scouting terms, it's "quicker than fast" or "speaks well" type phrases. Enjoy the draft.