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2017 NFL Draft - Why I Don’t Like Anyone Available with the 7th Overall Pick

I personally do not want any of the players who will probably be available at 7. Here is why.

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Myles Garrett will not be available. If he happened to slide to 3, I would give the Chargers full permission (which they obviously need) to trade up to select him. He, Bosa, and Ingram would create a scary defensive front. Alas, that will not happen. Although the Browns are a mismanaged team, people who are very smart still lead the organization. The Browns will select Garrett first overall.

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Malik McDowell will most likely be available, but a guy who gives up when his team sucks is a huge “no-no,” for me. The Chargers have won 9 games... in two seasons. They aren’t exactly a good situation for McDowell. Yes, I do truly believe the Chargers are contenders, but if the going gets rough, it will take some mature, hardworking guys like Philip Rivers, and Joey Bosa to get the team out of the funk. Malik McDowell may have a ton of talent, but if you don’t do anything with that talent, I will take a hard pass.

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Marshon Lattimore being available is roughly a 50/50 chance right now. The guy is sticky as a corner and could step in and be good right away that a position that normally takes a while to get used to. That being said, he has only played one year in college due to injury issues with his hamstring. Do the Chargers really need another broken but talented corner who can’t last a full season? I love Verrett and I think he is phenomenal, but his injury history is heartbreaking. Sorry, Marshon, but no thanks.

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Christian McCaffrey is a really good running back and will be great for a team immediately. That being said, how can you justify 1st round picks on running backs two out the last three years? Melvin Gordon played well last season, earning him a trip to the pro bowl, and he improved drastically in the passing game, establishing himself as one of the better (and rare) 3-down backs in the league. While I do agree he needs someone solid to spell him, the team will not benefit from another back siphoning carries from him. Woodhead was great, but he and Gordon splitting time almost 50/50 prevented Gordon from settling into the rhythm of the game. I’m a big supporter of feeding touches to running backs to get them going, instead of switching guys every few plays to “rest” them. If he is there in the 2nd round, I’d be a lot less upset by picking him. Leonard Fornette at 7? I see absolutely no point.

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Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker are both good players, and I won’t lose it if they are selected by the Chargers, but the Chargers’ biggest hole is on the offensive line. If the Chargers can trade back and pick up a few picks, they can grab a guy like Budda Baker a little later, and hopefully add one of the better linemen in the draft. Bolles would be a good option, despite him already being 25.

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O.J. Howard is a good tight end, but the Chargers have two of the best in the league on their team, with future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates, and last year’s TD leader for a TE in Hunter Henry (who will only improve from here). Ken Whisenhunt showed he doesn’t have the ability to utilize both TEs in every game (as proved by anyone who owned either of these guys in fantasy last season). They combined for 1000 yards and 15 TDs last season. I don’t think it would be smart for the Chargers to pick someone early who will not see the field, and at a position where the Chargers already have someone good, especially when the coach has proved he can’t utilize more than one a game.

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Solomon Thomas will probably be gone by the time the Chargers pick. He’s two inches shorter than Joey Bosa but weighs a bit more. In a 4-3, this will matter a bit less, because the guys up front aren't as big as in a 3-4. He’s faster and stronger than Bosa and would make for a good guy opposite the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year for last season. That being said, he’s very high risk with high reward, and he scares Kyle Posey, so therefore he scares me.

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A wide receiver would be great to have but there aren’t any guys that are elite at the position. Corey Davis is a faster possession receiver, Mike Williams is a big bodied receiver (who cannot be counted on as a #1), and John Ross is a fast player with solid hands. Corey Davis could be the pick at 7, and would not be a terrible pick, but my justification for trading back is this...

There are many holes on this Chargers team. They include offensive tackle, guard, wide receiver, 3rd down back, safety, corner, d-line, and outside linebacker. There are far too many holes to stay with only 7 picks. If the Chargers can trade back, they can potentially grab a safety like Obi or Budda Baker, a lineman like Bolles, and still have 6 picks left over. This is the perfect year to trade down and accumulate more picks to grab solid players. Why? Because no game breakers will be available at 7.

If someone says Jabrill Peppers, I will scream.

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