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2nd Annual BFTB Live NFL Draft Show!

Don’t want to listen to the TV talking heads? We’re back to save the day.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Draft Party Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is finally over. The 2017 NFL Draft is finally upon us. This time tomorrow the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will walk out on the stage and place the Cleveland Browns on the Clock to start the draft.

After having such a good time with it last year, we have decided to do the live draft show again this year. If you weren’t around for it last year, what will happen is that Garrett Sisti, Daniel Stebbins, Kyle Posey, Matthew Stanley (me), and possibly a guest appearance from John Gennaro and some other staff members, will be on Facebook Live on the BFTB Facebook page. We will be providing our own commentary, thoughts, analysis, drink tips, drinking games, and possibly some live group therapy if the Tom Telesco and crew let us down.

We will be with you for all 3 days of the draft, including the marathon on day 3.

As you know there is a LOT of dead time between picks so feel free to start posting some questions here that we will try to answer, we will also be doing our best to pay attention to the comments on Facebook if you have questions during the draft.

We will embed the video on an article on here tomorrow, and you will also be able to check us out directly on the BFTB Facebook page.