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Players in Each Round That Would Grind My Gears

I like a lot of these players. If they are picked higher than they should, I will be salty.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 NFL draft only a few days away, mock drafts are ramping up. “Experts,” are calling increasingly outrageous predictions, including a few mock drafts with Myles Garrett, the consensus top player in the draft, to not go first overall to the Browns, despite the Browns having the 12th pick as well. Let me tell you right now. The Browns will select a future all-pro in Myles Garrett, and then at 12, they will pick one of the three guys who are looked at to be good prospects for the QB position. Mitch Trubisky is not good enough for the 1st overall pick, do not be ridiculous.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1

If the Chargers stay at 7 and pick an offensive lineman, they are wrong. On’s rankings, the highest ranking guy is Forrest Lamp as the 19th best player in the draft. He is not worthy of the 7th overall pick, and neither is Ryan Ramczyk. If the Chargers happen to trade back to the 20s and grab one of those guys, I would probably be pretty happy. Pick 7 is just too rich.

Another name that has been thrown around is Christian McCaffrey. If he’s available when they pick in the 2nd round, I would jump up and down screaming for them to pick him, because he is a true all around threat. He can carry the ball well, catch the ball well out of the backfield (and in the slot), and is a beast in the return game. Yes, he is worth a first-round pick (maybe not 7), but considering the Chargers have Melvin Gordon (who they traded up to grab) and Branden Oliver, the Chargers need someone who will be playing just about every down at 7 instead.

Oh, also Jabrill Peppers. No thank you.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Round 2

If the Chargers take a QB in the 2nd round not named Patrick Mahomes, I will be livid. I’m okay with other picks here, including a running back, a wide receiver, defensive line, safety, etc, but if they are going to go for a QB at #39, it better be Mahomes. I don’t want any of this Davis Webb stuff. Mahomes beat him out for the starting job, and he realistically only had one good season in college, and still threw too many interceptions. I do not want Davis Webb. He reminds me of a fourth round quarterback... not someone I want leading my favorite team in a few years.

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Round 3

If Joe Mixon falls here because of his issues with beating women, I’m not sure I can support the pick. While I love a good football player, I think that beating women should be pretty much a disqualification from the NFL. I don’t care if you are a purebred NFL talent with lineage linking to the big man himself, if you beat anyone, I don’t think you should have the privilege to play in the NFL. Yes, it’s a game with a very violent nature, and yes, he is young, but how old do you really have to be to realize you probably shouldn’t beat people? I’d like a WR, TE, or HB here. Preferably not a woman beater. For all of you who are going to complain in the comments about how some team will get him and he is a great talent, I don’t care. If the NFL is a culture that allows players to get away with crap like that, it will take a team to be brave enough to fight the status quo.

Round 4 - 7

At this point, I don’t really care who the Chargers take. They could take an experimental quarterback with huge upside, they could take a new kicker, they could take a safety... it really doesn’t matter. I would highly prefer it if the Chargers were to grab a fullback late... one who can actually block. Wouldn’t that be nice?