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Should the Chargers Trade Up for Myles Garrett?

If Myles Garrett falls in this years NFL Draft, should the Chargers trade up for the dynamic edge rusher?

The NFL Draft is right around the corner and both fans and analysts are now left to decipher if the latest rumors are in fact true, or nothing more than a bunch of smokescreens. The latest set of rumors have to deal with Myles Garrett, the "sure fire” number 1 overall selection in this year's draft supposedly falling. The former Texas A&M Aggie has been the consensus first pick of the 2017 NFL Draft by experts since September of 2016. However, as the draft approaches, there have been several reports that a couple of quarterbacks could replace the best overall prospect at the top of the draft for the second year in a row.

The Cleveland Browns are still toying with the idea of selecting a quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, with the first pick in the NFL Draft. They are apparently determined to finally solve their quarterback woes and are petrified if they select Garrett, they will miss out on the Ohio native. So instead of leaving it to chance, the Browns are becoming more and more comfortable selecting their quarterback of the future with the first overall selection. That now leaves us with San Francisco; another QB needy team. The latest out of the 49ers camp is that new head coach Kyle Shanahan, and GM John Lynch, are high on former Clemson superstar, Deshaun Watson. So if both of these rumors are in fact true, where does that leave Myles Garrett?

The Chicago Bears would be next on the clock. Peter King of reported that the Chicago Bears are one of the teams in the top 10 that are the “most antsy” to trade down. If this indeed is the case, it would behoove GM Tom Telesco and the Chargers to engage in aggressive trade talks with the Bears to go after the best player in the draft.

Myles Garrett is an explosive, athletic freak, whose playing style has been often compared to Julius Peppers. During his 3 years at Texas A&M, Garrett totaled 47 tackles for a loss, 1 interception, and 31 sacks. Long story short, he is a playmaker that wreaks havoc in the opposition's backfield. Pairing Garrett up with the dangerous Bosa, and the versatile Ingram would give L.A. the best young pass-rushing front four in the NFL. Garrett would also bring something to the Chargers they haven't had in a long time, positive buzz and PR which is essential during their “Fight for LA!” campaign.

So besides obtaining an ultra-productive player in the draft, there is another reason why trading for Garrett would be a shrewd move for the Chargers; the asking price. L.A. would pretty much have to mortgage the farm if they wanted to move up to the first or second overall pick to snatch up Garrett. However, if Garrett “falls” to the Bears, the Chargers would be getting him at a discount.

By using Draftek’s Trade Value Chart; the third overall pick in this year's draft is worth 2200 points, whereas the seventh overall selection is worth 1500 points. L.A. would have to make up 700 points to swap with Chicago. Most likely, the Bears would be looking at the Chargers second round pick this year which is worth 520 points. This would now leave L.A. with the task of making up 180 more points. This is where it gets tricky for Tom Telesco and the Chargers. L.A. can ill afford to give up another pick in this year's draft. So that being said, they will have to make up those points with another pick, but in next years draft. Maybe the Bears will accept next years third to move back, but that is highly unlikely. Chicago knows they would have leverage and they do not need to trade out. Instead, the Bears can select the best player in the draft. So to make this deal go through, Telesco will also have to include next years second round pick.

So there it is Chargers fans. The Chargers receive the Bears 3rd pick in this year's draft and in return send Chicago their first and second round picks this year and 2018’s second round pick as well. And in return, L.A. selects a dynamic edge rusher that can team up with last year's defensive rookie of the year Joey Bosa, and Melvin Ingram. Gus Bradley would have three versatile, scary chess pieces in his new defense and could even implement his form of a NASCAR front four, where Garrett lines up as the right defensive end, Bosa as the right defensive tackle, and Ingram as the LEO. Chargers fans sound off. Is the price too steep or does the reward outweigh the risk?