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Dreaming Again

Ruben is at it again. He went to sleep and his crazy little mind allowed him to dream up a scenario, that could happen. At least some of it.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Chuck Anderson-USA TODAY Sports

Oh oh.

I had another one of those dreams last night.

It's been 4 years, but you may remember where in my dream Chargers GM Tom Telesco traded up to no. 2 in the 2014 NFL Draft and selected Clemson WR Sammy Watkins.

Looking back now, that should have been classified more as a nightmare, with players such as Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and Odell Beckham Jr. among others whom I should have been dreaming of instead.

The Chargers stayed put and selected Jason Verrett at no. 25, and it has been a pick that has yielded at least one Pro Bowl selection.

So....I guess I'm glad my dream didn't come true on draft day in 2014.

But my 2017 version is quite memorable in its own way... if my notes are correct.

As I remember this dream correctly, I had just opened my bottle of Modelo and was about to sit down and watch the BFTB draft guys: Stanley, Sisti, Posey, Stebbs, and Hoyle where on their youtube channel bantering on as their live draft broadcast just began.

The conversation was centered on if the Chargers would really select a safety at no.7.

Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. The dream fast forwarded to about a minute into the ESPN telecast.

Then this happened:

"And we have breaking news!!! We have a trade to report."

The BFTB broadcast went silent.

"We can confirm that the Los Angeles Chargers have traded up to no. 1 with the Cleveland Browns and they are now on the clock!"

You should have seen Garrett's face as his body uncontrollably spit out a mouthful of beer.

Matthew's jaw had hit the ground so hard it would have done more damage than a MOAB.

Daniel began ripping up his draft sheet and sprinkling it above his head like it was a ticker-tape parade.

Jaime just exclaiming that he knew all along this would happen.

Kyle just sat there doing the Roc slow clap from the movie Rudy.

Then they all realized they had a show to do and they just started shouting: "It's Myles!" "It's gotta be Myles!" "Oh my gosh, Telesco did it again to us!" "Whoa, wtf just happened?" "It's Myles, right?"

It looked as though they were all happy with what had transpired. And it was enjoyable to watch them admire Telesco just make the Chargers the drafts biggest story.

Soon enough in my dream, good ole Roger Goodell began to walk to the podium and began to say: "And with the first pick of the 2017 NFL draft the Los Angeles Chargers select..."

When I was awoken by loud clapping about an inch away from my face by the love of my life. She was accusing me of laying a MOAF - mother of all farts- in my sleep.

Ummm, I definitely need to remember not to drink so much beer before bed.

*Don't forget to watch the BFTB staff during the 2017 NFL Draft as they give their analysis on each pick.