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Chargers Roundtable: What Kinds of Chargers Merchandise Do You Own and What is Your Favorite?

NFL: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL Draft creeps closer and closer, I recently began wondering about all the new names that will soon be stitched on the back of a future Chargers jersey.

Will fans soon flock to the nearest store to grab the new Jamal Adams jersey? Will it be a Barnett jersey? Johnathan Allen? Or maybe the unfortunate (yet equally hilarious) Hooker jersey?

Only time will tell.

This got me thinking about all the jerseys I have hanging in my closet that have been collecting way too much dust for my liking. Which then led me to wonder what kinds of jerseys and/or gear do my colleagues at BFTB have. For the sake of curiosity, I went around and asked.

I got some cool stories and also came away a bit jealous from a few.

Aaron Woolley: My dad got me two Philip Rivers Jerseys for Christmas one year. I also have some sweet Chargers slippers and two awesome hats. I have a few shirts that are now "vintage" considering they say "San Diego" on them. My favorite jersey is a nice dark blue Rivers jersey, and I try to wear it as much as possible to rep my team.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: White Keenan and powder blue Rivers. Too much SAN DIEGO Chargers shirts. Feels weird wearing em now...

Socks and a bucket hat too. I would say a powder blue Rivers jersey is my favorite because I told myself I'd replace my old and peeling one if they made the playoffs in 2013. Arrived just in time for the Cincy game.

Ryan Doyle: I'm not a big memorabilia guy, but I love my Eric Weddle signed football. He's my favorite player and I got it as a birthday gift a few years back. I have a bunch of jerseys, and a few little things. I'll also never forget my LT fathead from when I was a little kid.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I would have to say my favorite piece of memorabilia is my Vincent Jackson jersey. That thing has been a lot of places including the soon-to-be-non-existent Black Hole. I still sport my Chargers beanie from a few years ago that had a bill sewn onto it. *On a side-note, shout out to my boy Lynx naming his first son LaDainian. Clearly his favorite memorabilia.

Thomas Herd: In terms of jerseys I've got one of each; Rivers powder blue, LT white, and Weddle navy. Favorite memorabilia and favorite moment of being a Chargers fan has to be getting Melvin Gordon's powder blue jersey he wore against the Chiefs during his rookie year.

Jamie Sewell: See that's one of the problems with being from the UK. I was away when Melvin Gordon went bowling with some Chargers fans here which I'm still gutted about. I guess my favorite piece of Chargers memorabilia is a massive flag saying 'This is Chargers Country' because it takes up the entire wall of my university flat. No mistaking who lives there.

Cody Young: I have quite a few jerseys of players from the past 15 years or so. Rivers and Tomlinson of course, and also VJack, Weddle, Keenan Allen, Jason Verrett, and now Joey Bosa. For sure though my favorite piece of memorabilia is a football that I got signed by Verrett a couple seasons ago.

Garrett Sisti: Won my fantasy football league, the prize was a framed Keenan Allen autographed rookie card and cash. That's probably it. More of a reminder of my fantasy championship than anything else.

Louis Gorini: I have an autographed LT helmet and picture and perhaps my favorite jersey a white AFL anniversary LT jersey that took me forever to find. I have never seen anyone sport the white AFL throwback.

Max Schultz: Powder blue Sproles jersey.

Kyle Posey: Mine is a Chargers trash can for obvious reasons.

Matthew Stanley: I have a lot of memorabilia, jerseys, hats, jackets, signed footballs, cards, etc. But my 2 favorites are LT pieces. First was one of the previous Navy colored helmets, signed by LT from his MVP season and he added: "2006 NFL MVP" and underneath "28 Rush TD. 3 REC TD," it's numbered 9/21 he signed that way. The other is a signed 8x10 of LT that was given to me by my offensive line coach from high school in England. His name was Bob Shaw and he was a football pioneer in England. He in the British American Football League and he was inducted into the US Minor League Football Hall of Fame in the class of 2005. He died of cancer in 2013.

Michael Peterson: It wasn’t until the beginning of the 2015 season when my fandom exploded with the expansion of my wallet at the time. I ended up buying a powder blue Antonio Gates jersey for my first one. That has led to me collecting a few more jerseys, including two navy Rivers and two white Gordon jerseys (I told Nike the first ones were defective and got another of each for free). I switched to collecting memorabilia for the start of my future man cave this past year and snagged an LT and Keenan Allen signed football. My crown jewel is a signed navy Antonio Gates game jersey. It’ll hang over my fireplace for the rest of my life.