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After Dark: Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U?

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I will admit it, I have been a fan of Nintendo since I was a kid. The two main reasons for that being the Super Smash Bros. and the Legend of Zelda series. However, the system that I get the most enjoyment out of would have to be the Xbox One. The reason for that being that most of my friends play on Xbox, and games are more fun when played with friends. That's really my whole reason of why I would choose Xbox over the other consoles. if I had to pick one. I’m sure the PS4 is a great system, I just have to go with Xbox personally.

What about you? Which gaming console do you prefer and why? Let everyone know why the system of your choice is best in the comments section below. Or if this doesn't interest you, you can just talk about anything. Seriously, anything. It really doesn't matter.