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Bottom of the Depth Chart Podcast Episode 2: NBA Playoffs, Receivers, and Charlie Murphy

Kyle Posey is back with another Podcast

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Back for the 2nd time with my guys Cephas and Diante. Be sure to follow them on twitter @wherestheceph & @dlblaxx. With the NBA Playoffs underway we started off by talking about our favorite teams/players and how we ended up rooting for them. The football talk today was centered around receivers. We dabbled in some of the prospects but it was really about the actual position. The first part was going over "what's the most underrated trait for a receiver?"

We bounce back to the NBA and talk about 1 player currently or in the past that we despise the most. Doubling down on receiver we talked about what is one trait you see people overvaluing the most. We weren't going to have a podcast without talking about Charlie Murphy. We went over some of his greatest skits and his impact in comedy. Before we finished up we went over the top 3 WRs and our favorite receivers growing up.


As always, thanks for listening and let us know what you want to hear next