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Roundtable: How Far Should the Chargers Be Willing to Trade Back?

Washington v Oregon Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

With QB trade talk flying around on the interwebs the Chargers are sitting in a spot where, if the Jets pass on a QB, a team could possibly jump up and prevent one from falling. So for today's round table, I asked the guys "how far would you be willing to trade back in the first round?" It's an interesting question because I think you want to try and get assets but at the same time, you want to get good football players. More picks give you a better percentage to hit but as we've seen with plenty of teams, that hardly ever works out. Wanted to pick their brains and see what they thought.

Matthew Stanley: I'd be willing to drop back to anywhere in the teens. You could pick up probably an extra day 2 pick this year and probably a day 1-or-2 pick next year. You're also in a much better position value wise if you want to grab one of the top 3 OL in this draft or an S like Budda Baker. The extra picks this year and/or next year puts the team in a better position to grab a QB that is going to sit anyway, while still being able to fill bigger holes that exist on this roster.

Jamie Hoyle: I think I'd want to stay in the early 20's, definitely no further back than 25 because I'd want to stay ahead of teams like Seattle, New England, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh. Why? Because they're all smart organizations with strong leadership on and off the field that are more inclined to take a shot at the player I'd be targeting - Malik McDowell. I think you'd be looking at getting first round picks this year and next, a day two pick each year and probably one day three pick in return if you move back into the 20's.

Cody Young: I'd be okay moving back into the late teens if it meant an extra 2nd or 3rd this year and at least a 2nd next year, though I think some teams could be desperate enough to hand over next year's 1st in order to move into the top 10. Moving back into the late teens there should still be a few quality players at some of the Chargers positions of need, and the extra picks this year and next year could go a long way.

Jamie Sewell: I'd happily move to near the backend of the first in this years draft. I don't love anyone that's likely a realistic option at #7, but there's a hell of a lot of talent that's going to be on the board in the later rounds. You'd need to give up a lot to get me to move down to the 20s, but if there's a team desperate for a QB (oh hi Texans) willing to give up multiple firsts as well as a second (and maybe a day 3 pick or two added to the mix) then there's definitely a deal to be made in my eyes.

Garrett Sisti: The further down you move down the more picks you accumulate so I'd move to 32 because the Pats would have to offer the farm to get there but that isn't gonna happen. Realistically though somewhere in the 20's is a good spot. If you miss out on Jamal Adams you can grab Budda Baker there, if you miss on Solomon Thomas you can get Malik McDowell and the drop off between those guys is minimal so the value is worth it. Load up on picks and you can really fill in this roster in the next two years. If you're asking for a specific draft spot, #25 is obvious because the Texans are rumored to want a QB but all offseason the Giants have been planting the seed that they are looking for Eli's replacement. Trade with New York at #23, jump right in front of Oakland and clean the Giants out of picks for the next two years; that is a win-win.

Louis Gorini: the Chargers are a young and exciting team but they are a losing team that has lots of holes on their roster (o-line, safety, slot CB, WR depth, d-line depth). Being that this is a really deep defensive draft I wouldn't care if the chargers traded down to the mid 20s (hello Houston) to gain extra picks this year and next year. This allows them to address their needs with really talented players in this years draft (such as Lamp, Bolles, Malik McDowell, Budda Baker). What a massive trade down will also do is ensure them additional currency in the 2018 NFL draft so they have the option of trading up for a Qb or one of the talented Offensive tackles coming out in next years draft

Richard Wade: I would be happy with the Chargers dropping back into the early 20s if the price is right. There is a fair amount of talent in the picks 20-50 range that could really benefit this team and the 7th pick isn't likely to be a big enough jump in talent to justify turning down the opportunity to throw more darts in that part of the draft. Only a quarterback-needy can justify moving up, so hopefully someone they like is still on the board.

Kyle Posey: I think the talent at the top dries up real quick. I'm under the impression that right around pick 5 to the late teens the talent that's taken will be mostly on par with each other. Then starts the next tier of players for another 20 picks. So I wouldn't go past Washington, that's pick 17. Assuming they hypothetically love a QB and come up to draft one.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I have been actively hoping that the Chargers trade down in this draft, and with the prospect that Houston and Arizona are in the market for a QB, i would be all for dropping down to 13 or 25. There will be plenty of pickings at those spots and the extra picks would give the Chargers some extra ammo int his years draft as well as next. Both Arizona and Houston don't look like playoff teams right now, so that pick next year will be in a prime spot. I say TT should try something different. Stockpile a few picks.