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Chargers Draft Roundtable: Who is the prospect that will make you give up if the Chargers draft him?

NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Okay, guys. The draft is nearly upon us and that means it’s time to ask the big questions. The biggest question of all is, “Who is the prospect you hate so much that if the Chargers select him you are done with the team?”

Garrett Sisti: If the Chargers draft Jabrill Peppers it's over. There's only so much a man can take (especially with this organization), Peppers would be my breaking point. It would be my "Red Wedding." Tom Telesco like Negan would wield his bat Lucille (Peppers) and I'd be on the receiving end of one of his violent "lessons." Telesco's lesson would be that they drafted a player that isn't particularly good at any one position on defense but he's a tremendous athlete, so his staff will "make it work." It won't be until the team draft's Jabrill Peppers that I will fully realize my life is like the movie "Jacob's Ladder", in that I died a long time ago and I've been living a true nightmare ever since. Once I've accepted that fact only then will I find true happiness.

Cody Young: well the player that would end it for me would be Jabrill Peppers, but for the sake of being different, I'll say Deshone Kizer. Or any QB for that matter, if taken in the first round. I know a lot of writers have been mocking different QBs to the Chargers at 7, but to me, that shows a lack a knowledge about the current state of the team. Yes, the Chargers will need a QB in the near future, but the 7th overall pick in the upcoming draft is absolutely the wrong place for them to get one. If the Chargers did take one there though, it would leave me to assume that they're more incompetent than I already think they are. And that's something that I just can't deal with.

Louis Gorini: I swear if the Chargers select David Webb in the second round of the draft I will go all Scarface in Half Baked on Telesco and the LA management... "F you, F you, F you, you're cool (to Bosa and Rivers), and F you, I'm out!" To waste a pick on a QB who gets frazzled under pressure (news flash Chargers have a bad o-line) when there will be plenty of defensive talent way better than Webb at the 38th pick would be idiotic. Want more of a reason why this would be horrible after 2017 Rivers has 2 more years left on his deal and Webb will be on a 4-year rookie contract. That gives the Chargers brass a year (or 2 if they decide to move on from rivers early and cut him) to see if Webb is their guy. Why waste a second round on something like that. If they are going to draft a QB wait until round 3 (which I would still hate) or 4 so they could get at least 2-3 immediate difference makers.

Jamie Hoyle: Yeah, its Peppers for me. Why? Because YOU DONT TAKE PUNT RETURNERS IN THE TOP TEN. He isn't a linebacker. He isn't a safety. He isn't a corner. You know what he is? A fourth or fifth round developmental receiver who will make an immediate impact on special teams. The idea that teams want to take a kid who is so electric with the ball in his hands and force him into a position where he won't, you know, touch the ball, is the most backward thing about his rise up draft boards. It's also why picking him would push me over the edge - because it's such a Chargers thing to do.

Kyle Posey: I'm out on a DL who isn't athletic. That's Taco Charlton and Jon Allen. Taco I might just quite watching the sport altogether. He feasted on inferior competition or cleaned up after his teammates. Against the best OL's he faced he was a ghost. That matters. Especially if the plan is for Allen to play on the edge. You'll be hard pressed to find 10 good football players recently that played on the edge with a 3-cone over 7.45 & a short shuttle over 4.50. It doesn't happen. As a football player where he lacks is gaining ground as a pass rusher and he's nowhere near as strong as he's made out to be. I'll just be a chiefs fan and enjoy arrowhead a few hours away.

Derrick Browne: Tthe obvious answer here is Peppers. To keep it short, I can't continue to support a team that's willing to spend a top 10 pick on a guy that doesn't even have a position. I've sat thru dumb move after dumb move but Peppers would without a doubt be my breaking point

Thomas Herd: My choice has to be Jabrill Peppers. As of right now, he doesn't have a position that translates to the NFL, apart from being a special teams ace, and you don't take that at 7. Peppers is an athlete, not a football player, and the Chargers need players that can come in and contribute straight away. Any QB and Mike Williams get honorable mentions. This is not the year to be drafting a QB for the future, especially as Rivers still has a few years left in my opinion. Williams is the big-bodied type receiver a lot of Chargers fan have been calling out for years for. Except, Williams is going to find it very difficult to get open and isn't the dynamic receiver the Chargers need.

Jamie Sewell: There's a lot of players that would make my liver cry for mercy if the Chargers were to draft them, but I can only think of one player on the board who, were they to become a Charger, would make me seriously reconsider my fanship, and that's Joe Mixon. I know the guy is talented, but I couldn't care less. Mixon is a piece of shit. I couldn't celebrate anything that guy did, and when you can't celebrate touchdowns for your own team the end is probably near.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Well, I'm not ever leaving the Chargers.... at least NOT for the team making a dumb decision on draft day. But for the sake of playing this game, I'll run Ruben run if the Chargers choose a Forrest Lamp with the 7th overall pick. I know these draft picks are a lot like a box of chocolates, where you never know what you're gonna get, but at 7, its a little too 'premature' to draft OL this year, even by Jenny's standards. I'm ok if they want to grab Lamb or Garett Bolles after a trade down, but please don't accelerate a mid-life crisis in me and make me buy a new Ferrari.... or a shrimping boat. NO O-LINE AT 7.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: Any QB at #7 will leave me completely perplexed. Though OL is a reach here, at least it would mean Telesco is trying to focus on something so vital. Besides, with the way Bolles has flown up boards, it's at least somewhat understandable. An RB is not happening, a WR is not favorable, an LB meh, a CB solid, a S good, and a DL great. But none of the quarterbacks are worth a first round pick this year--much less Top 10. With Rivers' floor still being an average starting QB and his ceiling a Top 5 guy, I think TT has 1-2 years to try and load up. After that, go ahead and reach for unknown commodities like Mahomes, Trubisky, and Kizer.

Aaron Woolley: I don't care who it is. If the Chargers take a QB at #7, I will not be a fan of theirs any longer. I would 100% jump ship to the Los Angeles Rams and get behind future GOAT Jared Goff. All kidding aside, I would probably leave if the Chargers stayed put and drafted Trubisky, Watson, or Kizer. If the Chargers draft anybody who won't be playing immediately (with the 7th pick), Telesco and company don't believe the Chargers can win now.

Daniel Stebbins: I won't say I'd be done if they did this as I'm attached to this train wreck for good, but for the sake of the round table I'd say Charles Harris in the second round. Why? Because taking a fifth rounder in the second is never a good idea. Jabrill would be a reach by a full round in the first, as would any of the QB's, but Harris in two would be at minimum a three round reach. A good spin move alone, which is what he is, isn't worth it. If you want a DE who voluntarily goes where the OL wants them to you can snag that as an UDFA.

Let us know in the comments which player would make you want to throw your hands up in the air and give up?