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Bottom of the Depth Chart podcast: Introductions, Music, QBs, and Breakfast Food

Kyle Posey is back (after some time) with a new Podcast

The KP Show

Bringing the KP Show podcast back with a new name, “Bottom of the Depth Chart” This go round I'll have a couple of co-hosts. Diante and Cephas. Diante is from most of our neck of the woods in San Diego. Cephas is on the opposite coast up in New York. Both are coordinators at the high school level and if you enjoy football, you'll enjoy what we're trying to do. We each started out talking about what got us addicted to football and who we owe whatever knowledge we have to. This will be random, and I like it that way. From there we jump into our 3 favorite artists we listen to.

Other topics include positions we struggle to evaluate, why the media is so uncomfortable with black QBs, our go-to breakfast and best breakfast spots we've been to, more QB talk about pre and post snap reads. Finally, who is the one QB we'd bet on in this draft. Enjoy. Let us know what you think and if there's anything you'd like us to go over next episode