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After Dark: Who Is Your Favorite Player Not on the Chargers Roster?

After Dark is a place for the BFTB community to come together and talk about anything and everything.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’re all Chargers fans here, but that doesn't mean we can’t be fans of players on other teams. There are quite a few players I enjoy watching regularly. J.J. Watt is a monster and in my opinion the best defensive player in the league. I always love watching him harass offensive linemen unless it’s the Chargers linemen. Julio Jones is another player who is a lot of fun to watch. The catches that man makes and the way he is able to shake free of even the NFL’s best cover men is a thing of beauty. However, I think my favorite player not on the Chargers roster might just be Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. He still has some growing to do as a player, but he’s solid for a young quarterback and produces some of the most exciting plays.

Who is your favorite player to watch that is not on the Chargers roster? Let us know in the comments section. Or just talk about anything. It’s up to you.