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Chargers Preseason Schedule Released

It looks like the NFL are trying to stir up a rivalry in Los Angeles.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers Preseason Schedule has just been released:

The Chargers will start at home to Seattle and take on New Orleans a week later, before going 'away' to face the Rams in Week 3, closing out Preseason with the 49ers in Week 4.

The fixture that stands out on that list is the Week 3 game. It's no co-incidence that the NFL have pitted the Chargers against the Rams in Week 3 on National TV. They're trying to start a rivalry between the two LA teams, and Week 3 is the game when the starters traditionally see the most playing time. Of course, these are two teams who didn't even reach double digit wins when you combine their records last season, so showing off the 'best' these two teams have to offer to the world may be a move that backfires.

Seattle always play to win, even in Preseason, so that should be a fun return to football, as well as being the first game for the Chargers in LA.

I know not everyone cares about Preseason, but what do you make of the schedule now that it's been released?