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Chargers Sign Mike Windt to four-year, $4.41M Extension

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Every team needs a long snapper. The Chargers now have one again.

Divisional Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos
Pictured: Probably Mike Windt

The Los Angeles Chargers today have reportedly signed long snapper Mike Windt to a four-year, $4.41 million extension with a $620,000 signing bonus according to former Chargers beat writer Michael Gehlken via Twitter:

Now, long snapper is just about the least exciting position on the 53-man roster, but if the 2010 Chargers season taught us nothing else, it taught us that continuity at the long snapper position is vital. Former Chargers long snapper David Binn played in 179 consecutive games before suffering an injury that would ultimately end his professional career at the beginning of the 2010 season. The Chargers then went through approximately a million (five) long snappers en route to one of the ugliest special teams seasons ever.

So, while there’s nothing flashy about this particular deal, it’s an important signing to get out of the way early on in the free agent process. Good for the Chargers and Mike Windt for taking care of this early.