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LT Defends New L.A. Chargers Role on San Diego Radio

Word of LaDainian Tomlinson joining the Los Angeles Chargers has upset some in San Diego. Today, LT tried to smooth over relations on the Darren Smith Show.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

After what seems like two years of speculation, the Los Angeles Chargers finally officially added LaDainian Tomlinson back to the franchise yesterday as an employee and a special advisor to the Owner of the Team (which is, technically, still Alex Spanos but is Dean Spanos in this instance).

Here is the first paragraph of the story on (emphasis mine):

NFL Hall of Fame running back and former NFL Most Valuable Player, LaDainian Tomlinson, has joined the Los Angeles Chargers as Special Assistant to the owner of the team. Tomlinson, who holds 28 team records as well as the NFL single-season record for rushing touchdowns, will support the organization and expand its community outreach as the franchise continues the transition to Los Angeles.


LaDainian has lived and worked in Los Angeles for a while, as a regular contributor to the NFL Network, so all of this is fine. I have no problems at all.

However, during an appearance on the Darren Smith Show today, LT seemed to be trying to appease fans in both Los Angeles and San Diego. I don’t believe it went very well.


After listening to that, what are your thoughts on Tomlinson’s new position? Does him taking this job, and his comments since, change how you feel about one of the greatest San Diego Chargers of all time?