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Last Laugh - Raiders to Las Vegas

It wasn’t too long ago that Raiders fans were taking their shots at Chargers fans for their team leaving San Diego. Now, Raiders fans feel our pain.

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Las Vegas Relocation Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I remember growing up, my parents used to tell me all the time that I shouldn’t wish bad upon other people. For the most part, I have excelled in this area of my life. It’s just not a good thing to do, and frankly, the one or more times I did do it, I usually felt bad after I did it.

And if you think about it, it’s actually not cool either.

But I did it again the other day. And I’m waiting for that bad feeling to boomerang back at me. But for some reason, it hasn’t yet. And I actually don’t see it in the horizon coming back at me anytime soon either.

So I’m gonna tempt fate again and this time, do it publicly and do it with much delight:

“HA HA HA Raiders fans. Your city just lost your team too! But your team just left the State of California!!!”

Man, that feels good to say again.

Being from over here in the Fresno, CA area, (which is surely more Raiders Nation than Niners Empire or Ram Tough or Chargers whatever we’re called because we’re not called anything special for some insane reason), you wouldn’t believe the jokes and vitriol cast my way when the Chargers left for L.A.

It was bad.

The Chargers really became (and probably still are) the laughing stock of the league when that happened. Believe me when I say every single Raiders fan I know sent me links to fans burning jerseys, switching teams and downright bolting their allegiance to the Chargers.

All I could do was smile and take it.

I had to absorb all of those snippy comments because the choices that Dean Spanos and the voters made. Whoever was wrong is not the point of this write-up. This is about rubbing it in the face of Raiders fans that were so quick to laugh at us faithful Chargers fans.

So...I’m glad you Raiders fans are heartbroken. I’m glad those Plunkett jerseys and Tim Brown jerseys are getting burned and stomped on. I’m not one bit sad to hear that “Voodoo Man” is going to stop attending Raiders games.

This is karma. This is what you get for making fun of us Chargers fans, by sending us those memes, emails, and texts on our day-the-world-ended plight.

I will let you spin it however you like. You can say that you guys have Las Vegas now. You can say that at least you don’t have to share a stadium with anyone else (though UNLV does count). You can even say that the real fans will never leave and blah blah blah.

Because I don’t want to hear it.

I just want to hear myself laughing at you until the season starts. Or maybe longer.

Or until that boomerang ever hits me.