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Tom Telesco to ESPN: We Need Better 4th Quarter Pass Rush

But what is Telesco prepared to do to make that happen?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Diego Chargers Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco, speaking to, discussed the need for an improved pass rush in the fourth quarter of games this coming season:

"What we need to do a better job of is having that rush in the fourth quarter," Telesco told during a conversation at the NFL owners meetings. "We had some leads this year, but you can close games out in the fourth quarter by rushing the quarterback."

Part of the problem when it came to closing out games was definitely the pass rush, and hopefully, the Chargers recognized that some of the blame for that rested with long-time defensive coordinator John Pagano and that is part of why he is no longer with the organization. New defensive coordinator Gus Bradley has a very different defensive philosophy and Chargers fans have to be hoping that it includes not taking his foot off the gas at the end of games (or even just halves).

The obvious other part of the problem is that the Chargers have only one great pass rusher in Joey Bosa and one above average one in Melvin Ingram. A lack of quality depth behind them means they have to play a lot of pass rushing snaps throughout the game and they are going to be worn down by the end of games. Telesco needs to be thinking about that and not just be prepared to rely on the likes of Jerry Attaochu and Chris Landrum. There is also the fact that Ingram is almost guaranteed to miss time due to injury and there is nobody else on the roster that anyone should be comfortable starting opposite Bosa.