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ESPN's Mel Kiper Re-Grades the Chargers 2016 Draft Class

Has Kiper's opinion changed on the Chargers 2016 draft class?

Mel Kiper, of ESPN, has re-graded every team's 2016 draft, so let's see if he's improved the B- he had given the Chargers before the season started. Here are his comments on first round pick Joey Bosa:

"Joey Bosa was a force of nature pretty much from the moment he stepped on the field for the first time at Ohio State, and his NFL career essentially mimicked that. Once on the field, he was a force, and he finished with 10.5 sacks and 41 tackles on just 538 snaps. He wasn't just a good rookie, he was a very good NFL pass rusher, period. The guy is a star."

Unsurprisingly, he did, of course, knock the Bolts post-draft process with Bosa:

"It's hard not to dock the Chargers for taking too long to get his deal done and contributing to him missing time early in the season."

As I wrote in my personal review of the Chargers' 2016 class, Bosa wasn't the only successful pick. Kiper commentated on a few others:

"Hunter Henry is going to a Pro Bowl at some point, and Jatavis Brown is a steal. Joshua Perry saw some action and could at least push to start in 2017."

He did mention the lack of an offensive tackle in last year's draft which hurt the team, and more specifically Philip Rivers, but I'd like to think they'll add another body there in the up and coming draft.

Kiper upgraded his original B- to an A-, which was the grade I gave them. GM Tom Telesco managed to find starters in Bosa, Hunter Henry, and Jatavis Brown and potentially some key contributors in Max Tuerk and Joshua Perry, so this was by far his best draft to date. Hopefully, the Chargers can build on this and have another successful draft in 2017.