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Chargers Hire LaDainian Tomlinson as “Special Assistant to the Owner”

LT is a Charger once again, but unfortunately not as a RB

6th Annual NFL Honors - Show Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Chargers have called in backup in the “Fight for LA,” or have at very least, have signed their first cheerleader a month and a half ahead of open auditions.

This is a smart move by the team for two reasons.

First, it will definitely help to win NEW fans. He’s a name that even the most casual football fan should know, he is pretty charismatic, and he already has a job on NFL Network where he can reach a national audience.

Second, LT has always been involved with the community and he will likely continue to champion community outreach programs. He will help to make the Chargers more than a football team in LA, which will be important because most of the data says a large portion of the people in LA, don’t care too much about the NFL.

Where this move will hurt them a little is with the (former) fans in San Diego. Many fans still feel betrayed, and I frankly don’t blame anyone for feeling that way. But this will come across as the team, and LT personally, as giving them another slap in the face.