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Offseason Plans Pt. 2: Something Evil This Way Comes

In this ongoing series, we keep up with some of the most pertinent Chargers and their offseason plans, chores, and adventures. 

Don’t Buffalo Los Angeles

Well, it’s always a tough time when the whistles stop blaring, and the cold of winter arrives (well, for most of the country at least). Just because there’s triple-digit days before the next legitimate pass is made in the NFL doesn’t mean that our favorite Bolts are hibernating for the winter.

In this multiple-piece segment, we’ll dive deeper into the off-season adventures of each of our favorite Chargers.

Part 2: Joey Bosa Gets Signing

Fresh off of an impressive rookie season, Charger phenom Joey Bosa has earned both a fanbase and a good deal of respect. While is first professional football season might be over, he's adamant that he keeps busy in constructive ways. Always one to give back where and when he can, Joey jumped at the opportunity to sign autographs and mix and mingle with his new fans.

There are many popular sports icons to choose from on the west coast, but according to the mall, Joey was definitely their first round selection.

Joey Bosa’s Newest Signing
Maybe check back next week. There's no way it'll last longer than a week, right?

Unfortunately, it appears that there has been some sort of mix-up because the event has been delayed for a few days now. As far as our sources can tell, Joey is not only in the area, but ready with a pen in hand--not sure what could be getting in the way, but I'm sure there's good, well-precedented reasons for the wait. In other news, it appears that competing malls in the southern California area have already held multiple signings by this point.

Part 2B: Odds and Ends at the Chargers' Facility

It's no secret that 2016 was a year of shake up for the Chargers organization, much of which came to a head in early 2017. A new home, a new head coach, and the usual slate of coming and going players has the Chargers' facility in a bit of a mess. Yes, there's a bit of a mess to clean up, but everyone's doing their part to get things sorted.


Manti Te'o learns about love, forgiveness, and bait as he gives catfishing another chance.

Manti is still reeling from his last encounter


We learned that one Rivers is a force, but a gaggle of them is a deluge!

And what a trip it’s been!