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Chargers Absolutely Need to Add a Receiver

Reader Zach Adams thinks the Chargers must address the wide receiver position, one way or another.

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Diego Chargers Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Chargers truly have a number one wideout in go-to receiver Keenan Allen. When he is on the field, he truly dominates corners. However, therein lies the problem: “when” he is on the field. I am not exactly ready to label him injury prone, but he has had a string of bad luck. After he went down early (week 1) last year, the lack of depth showed in the passing game. Travis Benjamin, who was last year's prized receiver signing, didn't turn out as well as hoped for partly because he toughed it out through some soft tissue injuries. He is also probably better suited as a slot receiver anyway, given his size. There was also Tyrell Williams, whom most Charger fans drool over. I am not so overzealous. Sure, he has ideal size and speed, but I also saw a guy who ran sideways for what felt like forever before turning up the field, even when the opportunity was available. Rivers also threw an abundant amount of interceptions when throwing his direction because he does not fight for the ball in the air, or bother to come back on a route. Although I still believe in his development, he is just not there yet.

Free Agency

Still, many options remain to address the issue. First and foremost, a few free agents remain at the position though it would be more ideal to take one in the draft. Due to how long they have been on the market, and with a few question marks looming over them, it might be noteworthy to take a flyer on one. Assuming, of course, the price is right because my gut feeling is the remaining free agents could settle for one year prove-it deals. The notable solid contributors that come to mind are:

Michael Floyd (27) 6’3” 220lbs: Reminds me of another Floyd the Chargers had.

Brian Quick (27) 6’3” 217lbs: An occasional deep threat for the struggling Rams last year.

Anquan Boldin (36) 6’1”220lbs: A little more unlikely considering his age, but could bring wisdom to some of the others on the roster.

The Draft

Then, of course, there is the more preferred/ideal approach: through the draft. Now, of course, they could take a receiver high and based off of prospect meetings that have been reported, Tom Telesco is apparently thinking about it. Mike Williams has had a private meeting with the team. In my opinion, the #7 pick is a little rich for a receiver, but I would not be too upset. I would just rather they go for the best safety available because defense wins championships...period! Just ask Brad Johnson or Trent Dilfer. If they indeed went safety or a different position higher in the draft, and receiver later, they could still land a top notch talent in the second or third round. Based on how the GMs grade and value certain positions, great players will still be available.

Round 2:

JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC): will probably be there at the top of the second.

Curtis Samuel (tOSU): Previously hyped up on Bolts from the Blue

Ardarius Stewart (BAMA): Great run blocking receiver and underrated route runner

Since I like to look at things objectively, I like to consider all options, and if they decide to wait longer into the draft on a receiver, there could still be good, or even great, options.

Round 3:

Chris Godwin (Penn): Also previously hyped on Bolts from the Blue. Could turn out to be the next Allen Robinson who also went in the 3rd.

Zay Jones (ECU): Jury is still out considering competition played against.

Malachi Dupree (LSU): For some reason, I just trust football players that come from LSU, with the exception being Brandon Taylor.

Later rounds

If they wait till later than the 3rd, even if they did not necessarily want to, depending on how the draft board falls during the draft, they could nab a guy in the 5th or 6th like I wrote about in a previous article concerning Ryan Switzer.

Let's stop contemplating how good Rivers could be with a better receiving corps and let's find out. That is the thinking behind this “must add another receiver” talk. Why not try to get the most out of a quarterback who has been known to make average receivers look great and give him the tools necessary to be top notch. After all, they are trying to win over a new market and what better way to do so than by having as many offensive weapons as possible? If the organization truly values Rivers as a franchise quarterback, they will try to help him out as much as possible in his last remaining years.