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What round should the Chargers take a running back & who should that back be?

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For today’s round table, I reached out to the fellas and asked what round the team should take a running back in, and who should that back be? This might be the most fascinating question so far because this is one of the deepest positions in the draft and you can come out with a legitimate contributor on Day 3. Also, there will parts of the draft after round 1 where the best player will very well be a running back on the board. I’m not sold Kenjon Barner will make the team. I also think Kenneth Farrow and Branden Oliver are not #2 backs. We will see the team draft one. So, who will that be?

Garrett: This is fun and ultimately this breaks down to draft philosophies cause I could name 15 RBs that would be good additions on draft day. I would like for the Chargers to wait until Day 3 to grab a RB but the soonest I'd start considering it is Round 3. I think the sweet spot for running backs is in Round 4. Take care of the bigger needs in the first 2 days & in Round 4 you're looking at a group with real value: Samaje Perine, Kareem Hunt, Marlon Mack, D'Onta Foreman, Jeremy McNichols and the one guy that is currently being mocked in that spot as well, Joe Mixon. Off the field he has done some heinous things but my #2 overall RB. I think Mixon is one of the best pass catching backs in this class and could fill Woodhead's role just fine, even though he's a different type of back. Also Mixon is a dangerous returner (if he doesn't drop the ball before crossing the goal line.) Mixon is a first round talent with an incredible sense of balance and patience that makes him one of the more dangerous RBs in the draft. If Mixon is gone before then Perine would be a great power back option too.

Answer: Joe Mixon in the 4th round.

Stanley: I think Day 3 is where they should look to add a RB, but early day 3. Perine, Mack, Foreman, McNichols are all guys that could probably be there around round 4. If they're looking round 5 or 6, James Conner and Donnel Pumphrey should be who they are looking at.

Answer: James Conner in the 5th round.

Jamie: While some think the Chargers should take a back as early as the second round, I think selecting a RB2 before the third round is a terrible waste of draft capital. I'd be fine with one as early as the third but would prefer it happened in the fourth or fifth. Mixon would be a home run in the third, but I have my eye on Jeremy McNichols in the fourth. He's a skilled back, a dynamic receiving option and also happens to be a dangerous returner. If they can't get him, I'd look for Pumphrey in the fifth or sixth.

Answer: Jeremy McNichols in the 4th round.

Jupjamie: Not before day 3 and I'd honestly be fine if they didn't take one at all, because I'm a big Branden Oliver fanboy. I'd be fine with one at any point in Day 3 though. Some names there could be Donnel Pumphrey, Kareem Hunt, James Conner and D'onta Foreman (and possibly Brian Hill). One thing I will say is that I don't care if Joe Mixon is still on the board, I want him nowhere near this football team. He's a piece of shit and I couldn't cheer for that guy. In general though this is a very talented RB class, so it makes sense for the Chargers to add someone at the position.

Answer: Donnel Pumphrey in the 6th round.

Ruben: I'll make this easy for you. I dont’ want the Chargers to draft a RB in any round this year. The Chargers may not have the best backups, but they sure as hell don’t need to start a RB competition this year with Melvin. A RB in rds 1, 2 or 3 would severely mess with Melvin's confidence. I wouldn’t risk that. Bringing in anybody from the 4th rd and on is just a waste of the pick. Too many holes on the lines to be doing that.

Answer: None.

Gorinilo: Give me USF's Marlon Mack in the 5th round. He is a decent home run type runner. His 63 college receptions shows that he can be a threat out of the backfield. Mack would be the ideal compliment to Gordon's physical style.

Answer: Marlon Mack in the 5th round.

KP: I like all these backs. Love the Marlon Mack mention. He’s arguably the best receiving/home run threat. He has some ridiculous runs. Mixon is a walking mismatch himself. If the team wants to protect Rivers, Pumphrey is the best blocking back I’ve seen, despite his size. I could get on board with a power back so Conner fits as well. I’ll throw a sleeper name out there, Aaron Jones out of UTEP. A high end athlete who played on a bad team but flashed some talent to showcase he can be a top 10 back in the class. Likely available in the 5th, he has underrated receiving skills and some good explosiveness to pair with his agility.

Answer: Aaron Jones in the 6th round.

Now its your turn. Who do you think the Chargers should take to compliment Gordon, and in what round?