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Rivers on potential new QB: “They’re going to sit for a while”

Tom Telesco and company have been vetting every quarterback they can talk to this year. Philip Rivers had a quick response.

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In a completely uncharacteristic, but awesome move, Philip Rivers has put his foot down and stated he’s not going anywhere, nor is he retiring soon, despite the Chargers looking at Quarterbacks in this draft. Philip Rivers has thrown for the 12th most yards all time, with 45,833 yards, and holds the position for 8th most TDs all time as well. He’s a 6 time pro bowler, and is easily one of the best ever at the position.

In an interview on Xtra 1360 Fox Sports Radio, Rivers said, “So I think if a young guy comes in here, I’m not in the top of my mind going to go, ‘Oh, I need to teach this guy.’ And yet, I’m not going to be a recluse and say, ‘Shoot, I’m not helping him out.’ I’m going to share whatever he wants and let him take whatever he likes, and how he can learn to be a pro. So I think it will happen organically without any concerted effort. I think it’s to be expected they’re going to get a young guy in the room to try and develop him and groom him. It doesn’t by any means really effect me. This thing doesn’t last forever. I have to get playing better and keep this thing going as long as you can. As long as I do that, then whoever it is they bring in here, they’re going to sit for a while.”

Obviously, Rivers wouldn’t mind an opportunity to teach a new quarterback, and admits that it would push him to play better, despite his numerous accolades. What is different for me, however, is that I was expecting about 2 more years out of Philip Rivers. From what he’s saying, it seems like he will most likely play through his current contract (through 2019), and may even be interested in playing past that.

This may dampen the enthusiasm that Jamie (Sewell) and I share for the Chargers potential drafting of generational talent, Patrick Mahomes, but it does not put out the flame. If the Chargers grab Mahomes in the 2nd round, and let him sit for 2-3 years behind Rivers, watch out.