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What Position Can the Chargers Not Afford to Pass up in the First Two Rounds?

There are some positions that absolutely must be addressed early in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Washington v Oregon Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Earlier, we went over the position the team shouldn't touch in the 1st round. This go time we expand the discussion to 2 rounds as I asked the fellas what position can the team not afford to pass up the 1st two rounds.

Garrett Sisti: It's an edge player. Not only is edge the Chargers biggest need but it's top heavy in this year's draft. The drop off from round 1 to round 2 is pretty significant. If they wait until the 3rd it's basically a wasteland. The edge position basically breaks down like this: Round 1=Starter. Round 2=Role player. Round 3=Special teams contributor. Rounds 4-7: Future car salesman. Edge is too important of a position for the Chargers to pass up. Especially in this class.

Louis Gorini: IMO Chargers can ill afford to pass up a safety in round 2. Being that I feel like they pass up a safety in round 1 (for a edge player or WR) they absolutely need to get a safety round 2. Lowery absolutely cannot be the team's starting free safety, he is to old, to slow, and doesn't have the range to succeed in Bradley's defense. That being said, round 2 is the sweet spot for safeties in this years draft. Being that the safety position is so deep this year, there will be round 1 talents that will be pushed to day 2 of the draft (Budda Baker and Obi). These are the type of prospects that are plug and play from day 1 and they can be major contributors. If LA waits until round 3 for a safety I fear the crop of safeties would not be as a difference maker as round 2 and the prospect will have a greater learning curve.

Jamie Hoyle: a quick look at the roster tells you this is a team with a lot of uncertainty up and down the defensive line. There is a very real possibility they'll go into 2018 sans Brandon Mebane, Corey Liuget and Melvin Ingram, and several of their rotational guys are free agents after 2017. There is no doubt this team must come away from the first two rounds with at least one long-term solution along the defensive line, whether that's edge or IDL, but ideally you want someone who can do both (Malik McDowell). As focused as everyone is on safety, I don't think the team has plans to address that position early in this draft, if at all, and I think they can wait until the third to take Tedric Thompson without much drop off from the first group of safeties.

Matthew Stanley: The chargers need to add young talent in the trenches. They need to add a player at DL, Edge, or OL in the 1st 2 rounds. If I had to narrow that down further it would be on the defensive side. The Chargers really only have 1.5 (2 on a good day) impact players on the DL with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram (the good day part). They need to add another young playmaker up front so that if Corey Liuget doesn't return to form, they can move on. OL needs some re-tooling and the sweet spot for maximizing talent and value is the top of the 2nd round for OL in this draft.

Richard Wade: The Chargers need to add someone capable of rushing the passer in the first two rounds whether that means an edge defender or interior defensive lineman. Right now they have Joey Bosa and not much else (Melvin Ingram). That's not enough most weeks during an NFL season and Telesco needs to find a way to improve the team on that front.

Jamie Sewell: It's safety for me. The Chargers biggest need is probably OL but this is a loaded safety class at the top, and they should be able to snag a very talented safety at the top of R2. If a big OL falls then the Chargers should be all over that, but if not then they need to go with a safety in the top two rounds to make sure that Dwight Lowery is nowhere near the starting lineup come September.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I am secretly hoping a certain The Ohio State CB falls into the lap of the San Diego Chargers at the 7 spot. With what said I am going to say CB is the position they should solidify in the first 2 rounds. Depth is the first reason, but also, could u imagine having the luxury of having Jason Verrett shadowing the slot WR all game and not have a single worry on the outside? 3 lockdowns will only help that pressure statistic for Bosa and the rest of the pass rushers. A CB would help this defense immensely.

Daniel Stebbins: I would say it has to be someone in the front seven, but to be more specific edge has to be addressed in the top two rounds. With the uncertainty of Ingram long term and the complete abandonment of Attaochu they really only have Bosa going forward. Even if Ingram is extended, you need to have depth at pass rushers in today's NFL. This is a great draft at the top for edge guys and to fail to come away with one would be a terrible decision.

Aaron Woolley: I think the Chargers need to address the FS position. Whether they do it in the first round or second round with Baker, it's a need. I personally don't agree with the dire need to draft an edge this year unless the Chargers trade away Ingram (which I wouldn't be opposed to). If the Chargers go safety round 1, Mahomes better be going to them in round 2.

You can tell we all talk about this quite about. Most of us are on the same page. Building on your strength, which is defense. Jamie has a good point with looking ahead they will be thin and that's what good teams do. Draft before the players contract is up. I don't think Ruben is far off at all, either. Both starting corners have an injury history and the 3rd corner on the roster is up for grabs. Knowing that the position is technically a starter in today's game, it's tough to ignore that position in the 1st 2 rounds as well.

What do you think? What's a position the Chargers can't ignore in the 1st two rounds?