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Did Free Agency Improve Chargers’ Super Bowl Odds?

After the initial phase of free agency, have the Chargers’ increased their chances of winning Super Bowl LII?

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of free agency, the Los Angeles Chargers have been very active. However, it hasn’t been all about adding talent to the roster. As a result, their Super Bowl odds have not changed in the last month.

As a matter of fact, of the 32 NFL teams, only 6 of them saw their Super Bowl odds improve. 11 of them, including the Chargers, saw no change in their odds, leaving 15 that had their Super Bowl odds diminished over the last 38 days.

The Chargers’ odds of 66/1 are slightly better than the odds of you dying from unintentional poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances.

The Chargers upgraded their Left Tackle position by adding Russell Okung, and re-signed a few of their own free agents, but losing Danny Woodhead while cutting D.J. Fluker and King Dunlap kept the team from moving forward.

In the end, the success of the Chargers in 2017 will be based heavily on the health of the team, the potential improvement of Anthony Lynn over Mike McCoy, and the performance of rookies drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft.