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Chargers Interested in Quarterback Geno Smith

Could the former Jet displace Kellen Clemens?

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Chargers have expressed interest in former New York Jets’ Quarterback Geno Smith according to’s Ian Rapoport. The former second-round draft pick out of West Virginia has also received interest from the Cleveland Browns and has even met with the New York Giants. Of those three teams, only the Browns would offer him an opportunity to compete for a starting position, but per Rapoport, Smith is willing to take a backup job and learn behind a veteran signal caller.

Throughout his NFL career, Smith has been well below average according to traditional statistics, advanced statistics, and anyone who has seen him play. He is still in his athletic prime and was at one time a highly touted draft prospect, but he will likely never reach the potential some saw in him when he was playing for West Virginia. That said, he probably can’t be much worse than Kellen Clemens and at least there’s an unknown factor here where he could theoretically surprise you with a positive outcome.