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Eric Weddle Takes Shots at Chargers via Twitter

It looks like the Ravens safety still holds a grudge over the way his Chargers career ended.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Eric Weddle and the Chargers suffered a very ugly breakup that led to Weddle leaving the team and eventually signing with the Baltimore Ravens. While the Chargers have moved on (four more years of Jahleel Addae!) and tried to quietly brush the situation under the carpet, it doesn't look like Weddle is quite so quick to forgive, tweeting this after the news broke that King Dunlap was to be released:

To see an NFL player talking about another franchise that bluntly is insane. It looks like some Ex-Chargers fans appreciated the straight talking, though:

And Weddle wasn't the only former Charger to try and sway fans over to 'Chargers East':

Current Charger Jason Verrett wasn't exactly impressed:

It wasn't just the ex-fans he had a problem with, either:

Personally, I think that Casey Hayward and Jason Verrett standing up for the Chargers is awesome. There's definitely some tension brewing between the Chargers and Ravens right now (both fans and players), and this could possibly be the start of an interesting rivalry (because any chance to be reminded of 4th and 29 is really great).

Unfortunately, the Chargers won't play the Ravens until 2018 unless they meet in the playoffs next season - and the chances that both the Chargers and Ravens make it back to the playoffs probably isn't much better than the chance of Eric Weddle taking Dean Spanos out for a romantic candlelit dinner.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction Weddle will receive from Chargers fans - he was a fan favorite whilst playing for the Bolts, but holding onto his grudges against the team so publicly can't be endearing himself to many fans.