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Chargers have released LT King Dunlap

The King’s reign has ended

Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

After signing Russell Okung to a big contract at the start of free agency, this is a move that should surprise no one.

The move will create $3.25M in dead money this year, but will free up $4.875M in cap space overall. The timing of the move is what is interesting here.

The Chargers did not have to release Dunlap for another few days before a roster bonus was due. Which means the Chargers are either being nice and giving him more time in Free Agency, or more likely, they have their eye on someone and are close to making another Free agent signing.

Dunlap was not bad during his time in San Diego, in fact he was pretty good, but he wasn’t great, and he couldn’t stay healthy. It was time to move on. I wish him all the best.

For those of you trying to keep up with cap space, according to the Chargers top 51 players account for roughly $158.6M before Dunlap’s release. Freeing up $4.875M brings them down to about $153.7M. But here is where things get muddy. For some reason overthecap has the Chargers’ team salary cap at $172.326M, which is about $5M higher than it should be. The salary cap for this year was set at $167M and the Chargers had about $113K in carry over, so their actual cap number should be around $167.1M. Which means the team should have about $13.4M in cap space after releasing Dunlap, and keep in mind they will need about $7M to sign their draft picks. However, if overthecap knows something we don’t and the Chargers got $5M from somewhere for free, they have $18.6ishM and are sitting pretty.