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Super Bowl Sunday: What Are You Eating?

What snacks help you win on Super Bowl Sunday?

Unless your team is playing in the big game, there are two parts of Super Bowl Sunday that are probably more highly anticipated than the actual game: Commercials and Food.

Super Bowl snacks are some of my favorite. There are only a few other dates on the calendar where you get together and enough finger foods and snacks to make up your food for the day.

So what are the staples? I started off by asking the other guys on the staff what they’re eating today.

Richard - “Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip is the greatest of all the possible Super Bowl foods. Anything that is that delicious with so few ingredients and so little effort cannot be denied.”
*Author’s note* - My wife fully supports this suggestion and refuses to accept my dip, listed below, as the superior dip.

Garret - “White Queso dip (Jalapeño preferably) or I'm not coming over to your Super Bowl party.”

John Crean - Crean merely uploaded a picture of mini pigs in a blanket. Perfect.

British Jamie - “Super Bowl starts at close to midnight here so I'm rolling with some skittles and starburst.” Marshawn Lynch would be proud.

Cody Young - “Gotta have that Jalapeño guacamole.”

Nathan - “Boring, but I absolutely love me some good BBQ wings.”

For me, I always make the mini pigs in a blanket, but I also make a chili cheese dip. Super easy. 2 cans of Hormel Chili (no beans), half a log of Velveeta Cheese, half a can of Hormel Tamales (Beef in Chili Sauce). Melt it all together and serve hot with scoops. Or since calories don’t count on Super Bowl Sunday, dip the mini pigs in a blanket in the dip.

So what are you stuffing your face with today?