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Can San Diego Win an Antitrust Lawsuit vs. The NFL?

Dan Jauregui, known to Chargers fans as "Boltman", joins John Gennaro for a discussion about whether or not the City of San Diego should (or could) file an anti-trust lawsuit against the National Football League 

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Jauregui, otherwise known as Boltman, has been e-mailing me for months about a possible antitrust lawsuit that the City of San Diego could file against the NFL.

At first, these emails were meant to encourage San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer to sue to keep the Chargers in San Diego. Now, they’re more focused on keeping the Chargers name, logo, and colors in San Diego.

I have been pretty open about how against this antitrust lawsuit I am, mostly because I think it’s a complete waste of time and would accomplish nothing, and so I invited Dan to join me on the podcast so that we could each debate our side of the argument.

After listening, feel free to post a comment below with which side you agree with and why.

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