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Friday Fan Poll: How Much Would You Pay Melvin Ingram?

The Chargers star pass rusher's looming free agency has been the subject of much debate, so let's make some (dollars and) sense (cents) of it all.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft and free agency soon upon us, one particularly plentiful point of contention about the Chargers’ forthcoming personnel and player decisions this year has been the status of EDGE rusher Melvin Ingram. The subject of Melvin Ingram’s free agency and whether he should be brought back to the team has been hotly debated on Bolts From the Blue (you can find examples of the on-going debate here, here and here) this offseason.

I think the question of whether you’d want Ingram back, price-tag aside, is pretty easy to solve. At worst, his presence on the field requires offenses to gameplan for him, and he’s going to wear down opposing tackles with his athleticism almost every single week. He’s a net positive asset, no matter his legitimate flaws as a perceived all-around all-star EDGE rusher, this much is certain.

So the question really becomes a matter of money and cap room. I posed a question to my twitter followers yesterday on this very subject:

That being said, I imagine as a particularly passionate football pundit, my twitter audience likely differs from the BFTB audience slightly. Therefore, I want to pose a slightly expanded variation of the poll to you fine Chargers fans and supporters: How Much Would You Pay Melvin Ingram (if you were in Tom Telesco's shoes)?