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Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Do the Chargers Need Free Agency?

Your daily dose of Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Chargers head to combine with few needs that can be met by the draft - Dan Woike
The Chargers’ offensive line graded poorly according to Football Outsiders, finishing below average in pass and run blocking. The team should have their eyes open for players to contribute up front on offense, even if April’s draft isn’t considered to be an incredibly loaded crop of offensive linemen. But just like pitching in baseball and shooting in basketball, you can never have too much help on the offensive line.

Los Angeles Chargers would be just fine without Manti Te'o - Travis Wakeman
The Los Angeles Chargers have decisions to make with their own free agents this offseason. Melvin Ingram and Jahleel Addae are unrestricted free agents, but not as many fans seem to be talking about inside linebacker Manti Te’o, who is also an unrestricted free agent.

BR’s Podcast: SoccerCity SD | BR's Podcast - Mighty1090AM (audio)
Billy Ray talks about the plans for Mission Valley including SoccerCity, the new rule changes in MLB and Philip Rivers speech at the Salute to Champions

Chargers’ GM Tom Telesco knows it’s a bottom-line game, but he brings talent to L.A. - Mark Whicker
"It’s tough to know where we are," he said of the Chargers. "I don’t know. We have a good core. But we turned it over way too much. We did get more turnovers defensively, but we have to rush the passer better. Go through all the tough losses. There’s a different reason for each one."

Best quarterbacks on each route type - Eliot Crist
Each route has its advantages and disadvantages versus coverages. A slant route might beat a Cover 1 defense because the receiver just has to break down his defender, while a comeback can be effective in attacking the Cover 2 hole. Go routes might not be successful versus a Cover 4 designed to take the deep pass away, while drag routes can be dangerous to target versus Cover 2 as the QB can lead his receiver right into a zone. Processing coverages for multiple routes is no easy task, and that is why there are so few people on the planet who can be successful NFL QBs. Here are the ones who did it best in 2016.