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Poll Results: The Chargers Should Re-Sign Danny Woodhead

Well, that poll was not even close. Chargers fans are not ready to move on from Danny Woodhead.

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier this month, we asked you if the Los Angeles Chargers ought to re-sign 32-year-old running back Danny Woodhead to a market value contract. 932 of you voted and 773 (83%) of you said that you wanted to see general manager Tom Telesco bring back the veteran third-down running back for the 2017 NFL season.

Ryan Doyle had argued that the return of Woodhead would be disruptive to the Chargers’ efforts to feature Melvin Gordon in the offense, but it seems few if any of you found that assertion compelling. Louis Gorini’s opposite contention that Woodhead was a perfect contrast to Gordon, on the other hand, seemed to hold more sway. Or perhaps, people just are not ready to say goodbye to one of the more entertaining skill position players the Chargers have had on the roster in recent years.

Some in the comments section were worried about Woodhead’s recent injury history, but others felt those injuries were simply flukey and were less concerned. Regardless, Woodhead is one of the best receiving threat running backs in the National Football League and the Chargers could do far worse than to bring him back for 2017.