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Poll Results: The Chargers Should Not Re-Sign Manti Te’o

Well, that poll was not even close. Chargers fans are ready to move on from Manti Te’o.

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Earlier this month, we asked you whether or not the Los Angeles Chargers should re-sign inside linebacker Manti Te’o to a market value contract. 963 of you voted and an overwhelming majority (70%) said to let him walk rather than try to outbid other potential suitors for his services this offseason.

287 people were swayed by the argument that Te’o has leadership qualities that make up for his numerous on-field deficiencies and continued inability to stay healthy for an entire NFL season. However, 676 others appeared to feel that the oft-injured, poor tackling, fourth-or-fifth best inside linebacker on the depth chart will not be worth what he could potentially command on the open market.

It’s hard to argue with the majority opinion here because the Chargers just had their best season of Manti’s career and they did it with him sidelined for almost the entire year. The Chargers will be just fine without Manti Te’o.